Essay A Common Misconception About The Theory Of Evolution

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sin Mohamed Mohamed1

Biology 9B

Mr. Ryan

May 21 2016


A common misconception about the theory of evolution nowadays is that it

promotes human society to act in selfish ways because of “survival of the fittest”. 

People who believe in this statement will start asking why is this a misconception.

The reason this statement is a misconception or is considered false because

it’s contradicted by the theory of evolution itself and by biological science


Before showing why this is a misconception all people need to know what is

The theory of evolution, what does it talk about it, and who introduced this theory.

Charles Robert Darwin was an English naturalist born on February 12,1809 in

Shrewsbury, England. Darwin came from a long line of scientists. His father, Dr.

R.W. Darwin, was as a medical doctor, and his grandfather, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, was

a renowned botanist. As a young boy he favoured exploring the natural world over

studying and going to school. That caused his father to believe that he was going to be

a disgrace on the Darwin family not knowing that his son will grow up and introduce

one of the biggest theories of all time. This greatness all started when Darwin

graduated from Christ 's College in Cambridge and his professor John Stevens…

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