College Education Argumentative Essay

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A college education is the essential key to success as told this while growing up; it can open up many doors of opportunities and allow them to explore the multiple possibilities out there. It is common for a high school student to wonder if it is worth going to college due to the cost and simply not wanting to do more schooling after graduating from high school. And since it is not required by law that students have to go to college, some people do not care as much or even feel like going through the steps to attend a college. Also, students who struggle in high school may think that college is not for them and it sets up a mindset of hatred toward education. A few may develop this idea about college through their high school teachers. High school teachers are the ones who get students “college ready” by saying professors will not accept anything late or they do not care for excuses. Some high school students do skate by in high school because high schools have these certain requirements to meet or they will cut …show more content…
A college education can offer many more new opportunities that they never would have had if they had never gone to college. A college education is imperative because people need a degree to get a higher paying job or for employers to notice them. Many employers prefer someone who has a college degree over just a high school diploma. And in certain jobs, they will need people to have educated themselves past a high school diploma and have more experience and knowledge about the work area they applied for. When a person earns a college degree, the horizon broadens and gives them a better chance at having a career they will love and earn enough for them to live from. The value of a college education is very vital because it raises chances of economic success, allows people to embrace diversity, and teaches managing

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