A Christmas Classic Performed At The Guthrie Theater Essay

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A Christmas classic performed at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis for over forty years, A Christmas Carol wows audiences with its intricate design and special effects. This production was directed by Joe Chvala, adapted from the original Dickens novel by Crispin Whittell. A tradition for many local families, the theatre even lowers its age requirement for this one play so that children of all ages might enjoy the reclamation of Scrooge, a wealthy man whose name has become synonymous with a lack of Christmas cheer. This year’s production was not without significant weak spots. However, it remains worthwhile to attend as the other aspects of the play compensate for a couple subpar elements. The plot remained mostly consistent with the original book. A few scenes were added for comic relief, such as an explanation of the love lives of Fezziwig’s daughters. Others were not included for the sake of time and reducing the required cast, such as Fan’s deathbed scene. Other additions to the original work mostly consisted of witty one-liners interspersed throughout the play. All scenes contributed to the overall plot of the work with the exception of the part with Fezziwig’s daughters. It seemed somewhat forced and out of character, especially Scrooge’s detailed descriptions and the Ghost’s exasperation. Nonetheless, the production included all essential scenes, and concluded word for word with the original. A Christmas Carol is a serious story, with perhaps some…

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