A Child 's Social Development Essay

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A child’s social development can be different between every child depending on many variables. These variables may be age, gender, parental styles, abuse, neglect, and any sort of disorder. Parents of children with developmental delays use a more controlling behavior with their children than the parents of children with typical development (Green, 2014). Parents of children who have developmental delays and use controlling behavior probably make the development slow down even more, if a child has no control over his or her own decisions they will never know how to be independent. It is more than likely that children become socially awkward when their parents are socially awkward. Some social development aspects may be hereditary. When children are young they tend to look up to their parents. Scientists interested in the social development of children observed 200 mother-child teams at the time the child was three and again at five and six years old (Green, 2014). The child-mother teams were split into two groups; typical development and delayed development. When they observed the children and mothers they discovered that the mothers of children in the delayed development group used more interfering but not supportive acts compared to the typical development group (Green, 2014). Supportive acts have been proven to envision better adaptation skills to the children in the typical development group and high social skills for the developmentally delayed group. While…

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