Essay about A Child Supervisor At Any Baby

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I volunteered as a child supervisor at Any Baby Can on March 9, March 10, and April 6. The Any Baby Can center has a great physical and social environment for the children. I think that a nice physical environment will have a strong impact on children’s learning and development. Any Can Baby center is very well-designed and it allows the children to be able to engage in many focused and fun activities. The center has activities for children such as board games, Legos, and interactive social games. The physical environment allows the children to build strong relationships with the Any Baby Can staff and other children there. Furthermore, the center lets the children play independently and with others as they choose. The playroom has attractive and colorful paintings on the wall. I believe that a good social and physical environment can support the children’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. Before coming to the Any Baby Can center, I did research on autism. The staff at the center are doing a great job assisting families with children with special needs. I found out that autistic children are special, and they interpret the world differently than the average person. Their differences are obvious in their social and communication skills. From my research, I learned that the signs and symptoms of autism are trouble interacting with others, having little eye contact with others, unusual or repetitive movements (i.e. such as hand flapping or spinning), playing with…

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