Essay on A Change Model Of Change Models

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The RN’s in the scenario displayed behaviour that was disrespectful and was in no way ethical or professional (NCNZ, 2010). From the scenario the three changes I would make will be review of nursing competencies, effective handover strategies and a stronger staff management. Primarily the aim of these three changes is to improve and ensure the best possible care for patient (NCNZ, 2010).
A change model that could be utilised to implement these adjustments is the Lewin’s model of change developed by Kurt Lewin (McGarry, Cashin, & Fowler, 2012). This change model involves three key steps. They are unfreezing, change and refreezing (McGarry, Cashin, & Fowler, 2012). The process of the change models involves forming awareness that change is necessary, progressing to the different but preferred behaviours, then lastly setting that certain behaviour into the new customs of an organisation (Manchester, Gray-Miceli, Metcalf, Paolini, Napier, Coogle, & Owens, 2014).
The first step of the change model is unfreezing. Unfreezing must happen in order for change (Manchester et al., 2014). Initially it is human nature that people will struggle to embrace the changes. But the aim of this stage is to basically create awareness that change is happening, why change is necessary and preparing the staff for this (Manchester et al., 2014).
Patient handovers are at the patient bedside or rooms that are private and the information that being shared is concise and objective (Anderson,…

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