A Case Study Review : Ethical Dilemma Essay

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A Case Study Review Analysis Ethical-moral dilemma is an important factor that nurses face every day in their daily nursing practice. A dilemma is the problem with two options to resolve the situation ethically. “Fant (2012) states, there is no satisfactory solution. While taking ethical decision for a particular ethical dilemma, there may have different options and none of those could be right or wrong”. Thus, it becomes difficult for nurses to take decision. Nurses are ethically responsible to do what is best for the patient and cause no harm to them. The ethical decision taken by the nurses depends upon their knowledge, values, beliefs, ethics and experience. Therefore, there is no set rules that regulate the ethics. Use of ethical concepts in nursing care includes providing care which is good, correct and rational. “Moral issues deals with important social values, like respect for life, freedom, and love; as well as the feelings of guilt, shame and self-esteem” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014, pg. 35). Problem
The case study shows a scenario of a busy morning in Telemetry unit where noise of alarms are constantly going off. A group of newly graduates were hired recently who are very attentive to their patients. They have set the parameters of their patients’ alarms at a shorter rate, in order to get early warning signs. Some of the old nurses who have been working in that unit for a long time. They have set their patients’ alarms at a broader pace, to get less…

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