Essay A Case Study Of A Female Patient

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The following is a case study of a female patient; she is 50 years old, married with 2 older children that no longer live at home. She has a 2 bedroom home, a car, her husband works at night and she always had a smile on her face. I had the pleasure of meeting her in February 2016. She was referred to the program because of multiple emergency room visits. According to her chart she had 13 emergency room visits the 6 months prior to joining the Outpatient Care Management program. During our first visit together I asked her, what is your greats need? The answer- I don’t want to die.
As a young adult she was addicted to meth, divorced and living out of state in an abusive relationship. The contact with her children was minimal and she was spinning out of control. The turning point in her life happened when her then boyfriend slit her throat. On her own she stopped using drugs and moved back to town. Reunited with her ex-husband and established her life again. After this life changing event she has managed to maintain her level of normal. The level of normal consisted of medical mismanagement. She had multiple emergency room visits, living with depression, anxiety, uncontrolled diabetes, obesity, posttraumatic stress disorder, asthma and sleep apnea. She had a primary care provider and would use them every once in a while. The emergency room was her doctor of choice. During one of our home visits she told me that the check-in ladies at the emergency room…

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