Cultural Dietary Practices

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I interviewed Melissa Baker. She is a female and 40 years old. She is Italian and believes the catholic ways. She has believed the catholic way all of her life. She currently lives in Mansfield Ohio and has lived here all of her life. She is a full time mom of three kids and lives with her boyfriend of 6 years. She has three boys, two that live with her and one that lives by himself. She works a full time job and loves it. She is a really interesting person, she loves to cook everything and everything she cooks is from scratch. While cook she use lots and lot of spices she like all of her food to have a spicy taste. You can really see the Italian in her by the way she cooks.
Melissa diet plan is always changing, she has a busy schedule with
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Everyone is apart of a least one group and might be apart of many. Melissa food patterns most closely relate to Chinese culture because she is a big pasta eater and veggie eater. Her typical dietary intake did in fact match up pretty well with the cultural group. She eats many of the breads, cereals, rice, and pastas, she also eat most of the veggie but however not all, the fruit group matches up when she eats fruit but she does not eat fruit all that much she is mostly a veggie girl. Her dairy product also matches, along with her meat. Melissa love most meat she loves to try different kinds from different cultures too. With her fats group she tells that she has used most of these item before but doesn’t like to cook with much of them. One group that I found that Melissa did not match closely with was the fat group she better fits the fat groups under Cuban and Puerto Rican. Melissa dietary religious practices are the roman catholic, as I said before she has believed the catholic ways all her life. I think with some of the religion groups and their belief they can go a little over broad. I think meat is a big part in nutrition we need some of the nutrient in them to be healthy and most religions are against eating any kind of meat. I think that we have to realize that we need certain things in our diet to function and limiting things like meat and dairy can be harmful. If we don’t get the …show more content…
She has some challenges to over come but nothing a little time can’t fix. She is a hard dedicated woman that enjoys her family, her job and her health. I find it inspirational that she knows so much about her health and how healthy she really is. Although Melissa has a lot of personal beliefs she doesn’t let that interfere with her diet she get just about all the nutrition she need through out the day most days. Melissa tells us that its not always easy to eat healthy because sometime you don’t have time but when you don’t its important to do so. She really know what she doing in life and I think that’s

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