A Cacophony Of Puppets By Sarah Noemie Laurin Essay

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A Cacophony of Puppets by Sarah-Noémie Laurin

"A dark planet of awesome size perched in its sunless void, an invisible titan all thick black forests and jagged mountains and deep, turbulent oceans.
A monster.
It’s so close now."
It was once us. It will be us. I don 't think that will ever leave humankind 's subconscious.

Chapter One - Destroying ‘Euphemism’ in Life

It is chaos. This word is too small to explain the situation. This is a genocide. And those bloody humans started it.
My name 's Nicolas. I 'd like to add that I have flaming red hair. Pretty awesome I know. I could set up a fire, oh yeah. But I gotta hide it for now. You see, it 's really complicated these days knowing who 's allied and who are enemies. And since almost everyone is racist and or sexist, I gotta hide my hair in a hood. That 's life. And I can 't do shit even if I wanted to.
I stroll in the streets of this poor district in order to find food even though I have nowhere to sleep. Naturally, I 'm not that hungry, but hey, better safe than sorry. Here comes a little fag on my right with some kind of... sword? Who the hell uses that these days?! Obviously someone rich who seeks power. He comes running towards me with the shining weapon above his head, screaming ferociously. With one swift movement, I punch him in the stomach and knock him on the ground flat on his back, cutting his breath for a second. Now he 's shaking and throwing the sword away. He is…

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