A Brief Summary Of Ferdinand Magellan, A Spanish Captain

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Magellan is credited for being the first person to circumnavigate the globe, when actually he died in the Philippines, about halfway into the journey. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese sailor, but for his most known trip, he sailed under a Spanish crew. He was born in Portugal in 1480 and died in 1521 on a Philippine island because of a physical fight with local villagers. As a person and captain, Magellan was not worth defending. Some reasons are he died in the Philippines abandoning his armada without their captain-major, two mutiny staged against him during his expedition, and he killed two of the ships’ captains and abandoned another captain.

At the time of his death, Magellan was in a fight with the locals in a Philippine village.
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Gaspar de Quesada, Luis Mendoza, and Juan de Cartagena were the three mutinous captains. There first mutiny was unsuccessful and happened early in the voyage. The second mutiny happened at the Port of St. Julian, in 1520, over their rations being reduced. As many men feared that they would be lead to their deaths by Magellan. A crewman, known as “The Genoese Pilot”, on Magellan’s expedition wrote in his journal, “In this port three of the ships rose up against the Captain-Major [Magellan], their captains saying they they intended to take him to Castile [Spain] in arrest, as he was taking them all to destruction.” (Document B). This quote shows that the men as well as the captains on three of the five ships did not see Magellan to be fit as their leader. They claim that he is “... taking them all to destruction”, (Document B), because Magellan was the reason, their food rations were cut. This shows that Magellan did not put his crew’s opinion or voice first, rather he made the decisions without any discussion. Though he may have believed reducing the rations was the best thing at the time, he should've acknowledge his crews opinions first and asked what they wanted to do . This lead him to being resented and feared by his crew because they believed he was going to lead him to their deaths. Had Magellan asked his crew their opinion first, maybe the two mutinies or his death would not have …show more content…
The three captains were Luis Mendoza, Juan de Cartagena, and Gaspar de Quesada. Juan de Cartagena was abandoned on an island, along with a priest who also conspired against Magellan. Luis Mendoza and Gaspar de Quesada were both ordered to death by Magellan. The crewman, known as “The Genoese Pilot”, states “... Luis Mendoza; he was killed in his own ship by stabs with a dagger by the chief… who was sent by Magellan to do this… five days later [Magellan] ordered Gaspar de Quesada to be decapitated and quartered…” (Document B). This quote shows how Magellan was only out for his own personal vendetta because if he had been a fair captain, he would have discussed and debated his difference of opinions with the other three captains instead of ordering them to death. This also shows the lack of respect Magellan had for his men as a whole because he ordered one of his captains to be decapitated and quartered, in many cultures that is seen as disrespectful. The way of how he murdered two of his captains, lead to his men fearing him. This contributed to them not wanting to defended him in his final battle for he may do the same to them as he did to his

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