Essay about A Brief Note On Women And The War

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Jakobi Jones
American History
Coach Chetta
19 April 2016
Women & the War A couple 100 years ago when the war was going on, a lady or wife of a man in France or Russia fighting in the War, may have woke up at dawn, while her young kids slept, to get ready for her 1st shift at a munitions manufacturing plant. Her husband, off fighting in WWI, had left her to test her abilities, as she provided food, shelter, heat for her family, endeavor physical danger at work maybe, for instance, having to load powerful explosives into the shells that alternative ladies had made. When her work day was done, she went looking for food to shop for, typically standing in line for hours for scarce basic things, scrounged for hard-to-come-by fuel to feed the chamber and cooked dinner. She washed the youngsters, place them to bed, cleaned up and wrote a letter to her husband, keeping her worry off the page, before sleeping for some hours. Then she got up and did it again. Women played a significant role in WWI, with some of their roles if not more important, then equal to the roles of men in the war. They took on many responsibilities not only at the home, replacing men in offices and factories but also serving in the arm forces. They helped nurse the wounded, and provide food and other supplies to the military.Women had many jobs during the war, and even fought for more pay during the war because they felt that their pay should be increased because of their work. Women were probably the most…

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