President Roosevelt's Speech Summary

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Pine. “Lumberjacks Electrified as Japan Strikes U.S.” December 9, 1941 President Roosevelt war message heard is heard in a special assembly for the students can hear what is happening in the country. News of the attack reached the campus on Sunday afternoon as the student body tried to understand what was unfolding. Classes were dismissed on Monday, December 8, 1941, for students to hear President Roosevelt’s speech to Congress about the attack. Dr. T.J. Tormey spoke after the speech ended urging the student body to continue with studies until told otherwise. It is hard to tell what will happen next as the student body considers military services.

Pine. “A Message From Dr. Tormey” December 9, 1941 The nation is on the verge of war and
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The student body believes the nation is going to war once again. Leaving the students with the discussions on how to best move forward with life. The author of this article felt confident enough the United States was going to win the war once the fighting starts.

Pine. “Pine Needles” December 9, 1941 In this section there are small parts written by many different people on the Pearl Harbor attack. Each are adding their viewpoints on what they think and what is on their minds. Not only is the student body getting ready for the upcoming war, but the nation is as well. Through the use of the radio news is reaching all across America regarding the events unfolding with Japan and the declaration of war against the Japan Empire.

Pine. “The Dean Says-“ December 9, 1941 This short poem was written to make sure everyone in the nation is American now. There is no longer the need to label everyone in the nation since everyone is needed to fight the upcoming war on Japan. The nation can no longer be isolationist or neural to the struggles going on overseas. Everyone needs to step up as Americans in order to win the

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