A Brief Note On Wan Na Be Best Friends? Essay

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This was originally posted on my Tumblr, but I thought it 'd get more attention here. It 's written as if it 's a letter.

Something that draws me to you, and only you.

No friends, no grown up, no puppy. They couldn 't draw me in more than you do.

Maybe it 's the way you laugh when you outsmart all the boys on the playground. Maybe it 's the way you can go all the way across the monkey bars, without breaking a breaking a sweat. Or, it can all round off with the fact that you are breaking the rules by being here.

Either way, there 's something about you that makes me want to get to know you.

"Wanna be best friends?"

Maybe it 's how straightforward you are. Or just how willing you were to stick by my side. Maybe it 's the way you can turn something so simple into something too complex for my child leveled mind.

You were my best friend from the start.

My first and only best friend.

There 's something more to you.

Something forcing me closer, and I 've only ever felt it with you.

I feel like a fish, caught on a hook, and you 're reeling me in. Except, I 'm accepting my fate. I don 't fight it. I would never fight to get away from you.

Maybe it 's the way you can talk to the teacher like that, and not get in trouble. Maybe it 's the way you bully other bullies. Or, it could just be how you stand up for everything you believe in, even at such a young age.

Either way, I know there 's something more to learn about you.

"Can I tell you a secret?"

Maybe it 's how you…

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