A Brief Note On Upstart 's Performance, Qualifications, And Work History

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Upstart was only launched in May 2014, and yet it has since grown to give out over $500 million in Upstart loans. The company has seen double digit growth on a month-over-month basis. They have done it by ignoring FICO scores (credit ratings) and use other indicators of whether a person will pay back their loans.

The company is taking a risk on each applicant by only taking their credit rating as advisory and using other indicators, but it is also fairer to unlucky people who have had trouble with their FICO score.

For example, people who have been screwed over their by partner because of co-signing may have an unfair credit score, and the same is true for people who have had their identity stolen.

Upstart looks at other indicators to figure out if you should have a loan. They look at academic performance, work skills, qualifications and work history. After all, a work-shy slacker can have a great credit score, in the same way that a hard-working person may have a poor credit score. Upstart is yet another peer-to-peer company that is doing great things and offering people a fair deal. Each P2P company has its own special selling point, and this one is its under-reliance on FICO credit scores.

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