A Brief Note On Unfair Treatment Of Public Schools Essay

1010 Words Dec 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Unfair Treatment Imagine getting unfairly treated based off social media, this unfairness causes jobs to be declined and institutions to decline applications halting students and adults from fulfilling their dreams. Public institutions and workplaces should not be able to deny applicants based off social media. Public and private institutions should maintain focus on students grades, and attendance not by what they say or do outside of school. Every student has a different personality every student has their own beliefs that institutions have to accept. Colleges, and other institutions should not be able to judge an applicant based on their social life and what they like to do with friends and family in private time. Students that are thriving to attend colleges and universities are being denied and socially outcasted because of the biased perfect picture of a student many institutions have in mind. Each individual student is different, each student thinks differently and has a different group of friends that they want to continue to be in. Institutions on the other hand are taking the chance for students to fit in. in “They Loved your G.P.A Then They Saw Your Tweets”, Natasha Singer says, “ Last year, an undergraduate at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif,. who had befriended a prospective student on Facebook, notified the admissions office because he noticed that the applicant had posted offensive comments about one of his high school teachers” (Singer 13). From the…

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