A Brief Note On Tunnel People By Teun Voeten Essay

754 Words May 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Tunnel People by Teun Voeten is about the life of many homeless people who live in the tunnels under Manhattan. Even if there are many issues going on with each and all of the dwellers, what I want to focus on are the wonders of the garbage. The reason I choose this topic is because although for many of us the garbage is nasty and gross, for the homeless it means food, clothes, furniture and it even becomes even a job.
When I was reading the book, I was shock when Bernard told Teun that picking up cans for “fifteen bucks for a half hour’s work is better than flipping burgers for three-fifty an hour at McDonalds” (Voeten 44). I have never in my whole entire life look at cans as an easier legal way of making money compare to having a regular job. But he did make a good point. Yet, just like any other job, canning also has its rules. First, it’s a night shift job. You either have to work during the night while everyone else is sleeping or get up at six in the morning like Bernard and Teun. Also, you need to know what cans and bottles to take since not all are redeemable for cash. They can’t be crush, it can’t be any weird brand and the label needs to have the states listed with the five cents refund clearly printed on them. It’s really interesting how people really do rely on this empties to survive. For example, the book mentions that “Julio will start looking for an apartment. It will be difficult, because he still has to keep on canning because he needs the money for clean…

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