A Brief Note On Top Five Medical Issues Essays

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Top Five Medical Issues in the Year 2016
The end of the year 2016 marks a period filled with health issues, few of which have been fully resolved or even recognized as a matter of grave importance. From air pollution to the millions of refugees without access to proper health-care, the list of medical issues seems almost impossible to resolve in one lifetime. Although there is a multitude of medical dilemmas and controversies facing the world, five issues prove themselves to be of extreme consequence to individual nations or the world. These five medical issues, in order of most important to least important, are the global shortage of health workers, the mental health crisis in Syrian refugees, the Zika virus epidemic, the rising drug prices within the United States of America, and the controversy surrounding the opioid addiction treatment drug Buprenorphine. It is these issues and the serious threat they pose if left unchecked that must be resolved first before any other medical issues can even begin to be addressed.
It is an undeniable fact that without a proper workforce, there is no health-care. The world is entering a period where a majority of health professionals have reached the age where they are either retiring or leaving for better paying jobs. However, there are not nearly enough young people entering the profession or being adequately trained to fill the gap left by their predecessors. The World Health Organization states that there is currently a 7.2 million…

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