A Brief Note On Tobacco And Its Effects Essay

1378 Words Jul 27th, 2015 6 Pages
Smokeless tobacco, or more commonly referred to as dip or chew, is sometimes thought to be a safer alternative to smoking. As the grandchild of two smokers, one deceased from cancer that was a direct result of smoking, I have always told myself to avoid cigarettes at all costs. I think to myself, “I don’t want the inside of my truck to smell like an ashtray”, “I don’t want to have a funny voice or a nasty cough when I 'm older”, or sadly “I don’t want to end up dead like Grandma”. I knew smoking was bad, but I thought smokeless tobacco was safer. No smoke, no cancer, right? WRONG! Tobacco is what causes cancer.
The first time I put in a dip, I buzzed pretty good. My body had never known what nicotine was and the first dose of it was great. I will admit that once you feel that first buzz, it 's hard to say no the second, and third time. I didn’t get my first can of dip immediately after my first pinch, but that doesn’t change the fact that I got hooked. I still remember the first dip I ever had - Copenhagen straight. I remember it tasting so strange to me since I had never before tasted tobacco. But it wasn’t the taste that had me hooked, it was the nicotine. It was that buzz. Here is the thing that only a dipper can/will tell you; you only get that buzz a few times; You get it your first few times dipping and that’s about it. Other than that you don’t get a buzz. It 's not worth it. You get hooked on dip from the buzz but after you’re hooked you don’t even buzz anymore.…

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