A Brief Note On The Word Of Teenagers Essay

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The word "teenagers" was invented describing people ages 13 to 19. Teenagers in the 50 's had a significant role in Canadian history. Teenagers during the 50 's became more difficult. Before the 50 's teens would listen to their parents, however during the 50 's teenagers were beginning to get rebellious, many started to call teens "rebels" or "renegades". They changed society in many ways. The teenagers in the 50 's differed from many other teenagers, they gained more freedom and independence in their culture, clothes and music, influenced the entertainment by changing the music and TV, furthermore restrictions were put on the causes of teens rebellious, affecting many things in Canada, such as our clothes and music presently. Teenagers gained more freedom and independence. They were now able to choose their clothes, their music, and their culture. Teens started to listen to rock n ' roll. Teens were becoming more rebellious and defensive causing many parents to blame rock n ' roll. Previous years teenagers enjoyed what parents listened to, this changed. Before teens were taught to listen to pure music, jazz music. During the 50 's were still taught to listen to pure instead they listened to rock n ' roll. Rock n ' roll led to bad behavior, causing many dances to get shut down, record labels getting banned, and students getting expelled. Splish Splash was a song that was banned. Some influences were good. Chuck Berry influenced teens to follow their dreams. It…

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