A Brief Note On The Vietnam War Of Vietnam Essay

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Landmines in Vietnam

From 1955 to 1975, the country of Vietnam was at war with itself and American forces. Starting in 1969, American troops aided South Vietnam in its war to prevent a communist takeover by North Vietnam, who wanted to unify the country under the communist rule. The use of landmines, an explosive mine laid on or just under the surface of the ground, arose during the Second World War and quickly became popular due to their success (land mine, 1979). After World War Two, they were heavily used in the Vietnam War and became a part of the Communist and Anti-Communist military artillery. Antipersonnel landmines are detonated by the presence, proximity, or contact of a person and will not explode until their exploding mechanism is triggered (Facts About Landmines, 2003). The three forms of antipersonnel landmines are explosive blast, fragmentation, and bounding. Explosive blast AP landmines are designed to tear off the lower part of the legs, causing secondary infection and higher amputation (Facts About Landmines, 2003). Fragmentation AP landmines contain metal casings that are designed to project metal fragments, ball bearings, or small metal darts into the body, causing extensive damage (Facts About Landmines, 2003). Bounding AP landmines,commonly known as “bouncing betties”,will shoot out metal fragments in a 360-degree horizontal arc, resulting in severe injuries and possible death (Facts About Landmines, 2003). These landmines are still present in about 78…

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