Essay on A Brief Note On The Transportation Of Concrete

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Although there are many similarities between sites, one difference worth mentioning is the transportation of concrete. Some site such as The High Park uses crane and bucket while the University Place uses pumps to pump concrete from ground level to the upper floors. This may occur due to space availability or preference of the general contractor.
Safety on Construction Sites
Safety is a significant part of construction. If a site is unsafe, hazards and accidents are more likely to occur that negatively impact the site. If a worker is injured, compensation would have to be paid, legal action may be taken, and fellow workers would feel discouraged to work. Furthermore, the company’s reputation would suffer and the site could be shut down temporarily for investigation and even permanently if the site is deemed unsafe. Therefore, it is a necessity to keep the site safe for both workers and pedestrians near the site because if they are injured there will be also be adverse consequences. Although workers wear personal protective equipment, there are other considerations to account for to make a site truly safe.
4.1 Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest Systems
In 2014, there were 20 construction fatalities in Ontario, with 7 due to falls [20]. Thus, fall prevention and arrest systems are important in the industry and that was evident in our visits. All sites had handrails as a fall prevention system to prevent workers, materials and tools from falling, and in high rise…

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