Essay on A Brief Note On The State Students And Out Of State

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How will you feel knowing that the person sitting next to you paid less for the same seat? Imagine traveling to your dream vacation, everything is perfect you are on the plane enjoying a small talk with the person next to you. After a few minutes into the conversation you are hit with reality; the conversation turns on how much that person paid for his flight and you realized that they pay less for the same seat. In today 's society students who are headed to a two-year college or four-year university are subdivided into two categories. These categories are the in-state students and out-of-state students. Students are categorized into this group depending on their legal residency; non residents are categorized in the out-of-state group, this means paying double the cost for the same education a state resident will receive . Out of State Students who are persuading a higher education are heading off to college and facing a high-rise in tuition cost making it less affordable creating a problem for those who need and want an education but can’t afford one.Universities should eliminate out of state 's costs for students wishing to attend their school reducing and controlling out of state 's cost will prove to beneficial for universities.Eliminating out of State tuition will stop price discrimination against nonresidents students, will prove to be a marketing strategy to generate and attract more students, and high level educational schools will generate more revenue from…

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