Essay on A Brief Note On The State Of Louisiana

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The state of Louisiana has over 61,000 miles of roads. These are comprised of federal, state and local roads. The US Department of Transportation indicates drivers in Louisiana incur an average of $407.00 annually while, as a whole, Louisiana drivers pay out $3.1 billion annually in auto related expenses due to the conditions of our roads per The Road Information Project. While driving most any road in Louisiana, one can immediately wonder, “Is there something wrong with my tires?” only to realize the noise is due to the decrepit road conditions beneath the tires. This thought is normally followed with unfavorable words about our state’s transportation department or questions about where our tax dollars are being spent. The automatic assumption is faulty workmanship or poor quality materials. Substandard road conditions in Louisiana are caused by a combination of climate conditions, construction and maintenance, state funding, state policies and the volume of heavy vehicle traffic.
When thinking of the damage storm water causes to the roadways, one might think damage is on account of the water weight or the duration of time the water sits on the road. The true damage is from the water getting into the cracks of the asphalt. Once in the asphalt, the water lubricates the soil in the base of the road allowing it to move causing failures. “The cold weather will cause the water to expand and when it goes away it starts to fail.” (Mercedes) when referring to water in the…

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