A Brief Note On The South China Sea Essay

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The South China Sea is currently in the middle of a claims dispute between the surrounding countries of the area, these countries are Brunei, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. This marine area is highly sought after due to the resources it offers, for example, America and China are estimating the area is filled with oil reserves, however the estimated amounts are contradicting each other where America estimates 28 Billion barrels compared to China which estimates 213 Billion Barrels (2016, July 12). China is laying claim to a substantial amount of the South China Sea but is being challenged by the other countries such as the Philippines. This poster will compare the perspective from these two countries.

Explanation of Key Concepts (Territoriality)

One of the main key concepts in political Geography that is evident in this dispute is the concept of Territoriality. Territory is an area of land or ocean that is under control by an individual or government. For example, Territoriality is a plan of many parts and is a way in which an area is under constant control and authority by a powerful group(s) or person(s) (Agnew,2000, p.823 as cited in Blacksell, 2004).

Context of the Dispute

The dispute over areas of the South China Sea s causing conflict between the neighbouring countries as an agreement has not yet been made. China is the major problem in this dispute as it claims its rights to a majority of the South…

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