History Of Annexation In The Philippines

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The Annexation The Philippines, what a beautiful country. However, the Philippines seemed weak and unfit for governing itself. The United States, as well as other countries felt the Philippines needed “help” forming a government, and ruling themselves. Under the control of Spanish rule Filipinos would’ve found themselves under great suppression, and even worse circumstances. Containing 7,000 islands, and profitable trade routes; America found it fit…for taking over. Subsequently, the U.S came up with a tactful plan of action in order to protect and find good use of the Philippines. Although the Unites States felt their “protecting” of the Philippines was more fitting than Japan, England, Germany, and Spain. The U.S thought of it as a temporary …show more content…
Due to that fact, they too were ready to go to war to regain what was previously lost by the Spaniards. The country of the Philippines was very valuable in reference to its many remunerative trade routes to trade various goods, and more. Despite the fact that to America it was quite obvious of the profit they could accrue, seemingly the main focus was readying and training the Philippines to acquire the necessary characteristics for self-rule, governing, and independence. Nonetheless, this apparently would not have been the case in the event that another country had this power or opportunity. The United States believed in national and individual freedom. Therefore, it was a difficult task to take on the title of an Imperial power. Hence, several disagreements came about on the moral and material aspects of rationalizing. Various United States citizens argued against the idea of being imperialist. Mark Twain was one of them, he advised the United States would no longer have its strength, and spirit if it were to govern faraway and foreign peoples. However, a majority voted that the imperialist passion was not completely unwelcomed. Under the America’s control Filipinos were seemingly allowed more humane rights, protected customs, and better living standards. As a matter of fact, the Philippines advanced much more rapidly than …show more content…
Due to that, they were very ill equipped and unready to presume self-rule and govern themselves. At this point in time, no other country had the respect of the Philippines, nor the skill to even have the Filipinos support. In the nature of such, there would have been many internal problems such as fights, weakness, and battles within the country. Under such conditions, the Philippines would have certainly been an unchallenging point of focus for opposing countries. Thus putting them at risk for another seizing. United States officials were properly trained, and equipped with the proper military forces to further establish central protection from further takeovers, and attacks from opposing countries. Abraham Lincoln once stated “no man is good enough to govern another without the others consent”. However, abandoning the Philippines and leaving them to be taken and abused by another country would have been much more damaging. At the present time, the United States beat Spain and conquered Cuba and the Philippine’s. There was non-stop battle all around the globe. As the most powerful countries went to war in hopes of conquering and taking over the weak. The United States fittingly stood behind their belief of democracy and independence looked after the weaker countries, and helped to build them up while gaining allies. The location of the Philippines was definitely one of the most precarious and volatile in the

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