Essay about A Brief Note On The Private Security Companies

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I. Introduction
Private Security Companies (PSC) are companies that offer military and security services around the world in austere and undeveloped nations, as well as in developing and democratizing states. Made up of highly-skilled individuals, PSCs have available to them an arsenal of unique and coveted capabilities their clients consider essential in their specific environment. From a dangerous armed combat mission to more fulfilling mission of supporting humanitarian aid, PSCs offer the ability for their clients to bridge gaps in military- and security-related activities around the globe. For all the good that they do, PSCs have had their issues over the years with rogue contractors and corrupt owners. Still, when considering the breadth of their reach around the world and the grand scale of the industry’s offerings, the number of such events is small in comparison. Thus, I conclude that PSCs bear both utility and legitimacy, as they are critical to peacekeeping and nation building missions, and should continue to be self-regulated.
In this paper, I will differentiate between mercenaries and private security forces. I will then give an overview of PSCs, including their history, internal structure, unique and highly-coveted business offerings, and their client base. Next, I will examine the utilization of PSCs by looking at their role in fragile and conflict-affected states, as well as explore the supply and demand issues surrounding the military and foreign nations.…

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