Essay about A Brief Note On The Preservation Of Privacy

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Preservation of privacy has been a concern since the dawn of the Internet. IoT will exacerbate the problem because many applications generate traceable signatures of the location and behavior of the individuals. Privacy issues are particularly relevant in healthcare, and there are many interesting healthcare applications that fall within the realm of IoT. We can cite among others the tracking of medical equipment in a hospital, the monitoring of vital statistics for patients at home or in an assisted living facility. In this environment, it is essential to verify device ownership and the owner 's identity while decoupling the device from the owner. Shadowing is a mechanism that has been proposed to achieve this. In essence, digital shadows enable the user 's objects to act on her behalf, storing just a virtual identity that contains information about her attributes. Identity management in the IoT may offer new opportunities to increase security by combining diverse authentication methods for humans and machines. For example, bio-identification combined with an object within the personal network could be used to open a door. Privacy and compliance are intertwined and are under the purview of country regulation. As the technology is evolving so quickly, the consumer must be cognizant of how these issues apply to his or her daily life. Figure 5 shows a framework to secure the IoT environment by Cisco

1.4.2 IoT environment and is comprised of four components
• Authentication…

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