A Brief Note On The National Labor Relations Essay

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In the mid 1900 there was a lot going on with organized labor in the country. Two wars and a changing economy made for new working conditions and new things to consider when it came to the workplace. After World War one there was a switch from agricultural to industrialized work and with industrialized work came dangerous working conditions. This fueled a lot of workers to want to turn to organized labor so that they felt they had a voice. Alone one worker was essentially powerless against the owners, or employer. Unionized the workers were strong as ever. There were a lot of bills passed in the early 1900 some to support organized labor, some not in support of organized labor, but in the mid 1900 there were some essential acts that balanced the power between employers and employees, and avenues were created for them to remedy the their grievances.
The National Labor Relations Board is a federal administrative agency in charge of hosting elections regarding labor unions. They’re also in charge of investigating and remedying unfair labor disputes. The NLRB is governed by a five-person board and a general Council that are all appointed by the President. The NLRB was created in 1935 under the National Labor Relations Act, better known as the Wagner Act. It was later amended in 1947 by the Taft-Hartley Labor Act and in 1959 by the Landrum-Griffin Act. The Wagner Act was originally established to allow employees the right to organize, join, or help labor unions and to participate…

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