A Brief Note On The Medicine Personal Statement Essay

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Osteopathic Medicine Personal Statement
As a child, I had the opportunity to grow up in Haiti, in doing so I had the opportunity to learn and interact with the culture in my early years. The remainder of my formal education was completed in the United States, but the experience that I went through in my early life in Haiti, I assumed helps mold and shape my optimistic perception of the future. Growing up within a disadvantaged community there were tough times, moments in which any individuals could not help but feel a sense powerlessness, those were some of the moments that shaped my views. This I believed have instill within me the motivation to help individuals in need. This mean in several occasions in which that I have an opportunity to help individuals in need, even at the expense of myself sometimes, I would do so. I believe that there were valuable life lessons that precede my life experiences, as I reflect and plan accordingly. I also believe that in the mist of it all I learned the balance between the humanistic side of people and the blunt reality that lies elsewhere. The difference between people who understand and actively help the less fortunate, or the people who use their position to further exploit the less fortunate. Moving to the U.S provided a wide range of opportunity for which I am grateful. Just like anywhere else in the world, opportunities work better when you make the best of it. Within the process of making the best of my opportunities, there were…

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