Essay on A Brief Note On The Marriage And Family

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Marriage and Family

According to sociologist marriage is a legally recognized contract between two or more people in a sexual relationship who have an expectation of performance about their relationship. Once a strong marriage is established, a family would be formed. A family is a socially recognized groups of individuals who may be joined by blood, marriage or adoption and who form an emotional connection and an economic unit of a society. According to me, I do not believe a marriage is a new relationship built simply between two individuals. I personally believe that it is a bond between two families.
My husband and myself know each other since high school (May 2004). We were living together since 2010 (cohabitation was the only option we had since neither of our family accepted us as a couple) and got married on April 2013. He is a Christian while I am a Muslim. We are from Sri Lanka. The society’s behavior in Sri Lanka is not like in USA. There it was completely different. Back in our country it is very rare when individuals of different religion get married. Specially in my Muslim culture, we are not allowed to marry anyone other than a Muslim. If we do, we will face lots issues. The society will treat us very badly. We will not be respected and our families will be embarrassed. And the same did happen to us when we got married. Since we couldn’t face all the problem we came to USA on May 2013. We didn’t even survive for a month in our country. I am not in a…

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