A Brief Note On The Length Of Time Essay

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1951 "The length of time is indicated by him when he said, 'Truly I say to you that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur. ' (Matt. 24:34) The actual meaning of these words is, beyond question, that which takes a 'generation ' in the ordinary sense, as at Mark 8:12 and Acts 13:36, or for those who are living at the given period." {WT Jul 1 1951 404}

1951 "There are those who may think it strange that these 2500-year-old prophecies {Daniel 12:7-12] are now receiving fulfillment in a few short years. But we must realize that they must come to pass sometime, and why not now?" {WT Jul 15 1951 433-4}

1951 "Counting from the end of the 'appointed times of the nations ' in 1914, we are 37 years into the 'time of the end ' of this world. (Luke 21:24, Dan. 12:4) During these crucial years Jehovah 's witnesses have sought shelter and strength in him, and they can confess for themselves that he is a "well-proved help in trouble". If it were not for this, they would not be here today nor increasing in numbers. But we are entering the most serious and trialsome years of this "time of the end". The final conflict of Armageddon draws near." {WT Feb/Mar 3 1951 179}

1951 "Whereas the 'appointed times of the nations ' ended in 1914, it is now 37 years that we have been in the 'time of the end ' of Satan 's world." {WT Apr 1 1951 214} [and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. happened 37 years after Jesus ' death, as claimed in WT Sep 1 1950]


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