A Brief Note On The Implementation And Maintenance Costs Essay

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Barriers to adoption of the EHR in sub-Saharan Africa
The main issues that emerged from the studies reviewed are grouped under four major themes.
High Implementation and Maintenance Costs:
The cost of EHR implementation is one of the most frequently identified factors that limit EHR adoption. Studies have shown that low adoption of EHR in sub-Saharan Africa, a resource-limited region, can be linked to high costs of implementation and maintenance due to hardware, software, training, and support costs.[18,19] Many hospitals and physicians in sub-Saharan African countries are mainly concerned about the large capital outlay associated with hardware, software, and installation; broad-brand connection costs; the cost of accessories such as scanners, printers, paper, and ink; and recurring expenses for system maintenance[5-7,11,18,19]. Furthermore, Akanbi and others stated that lack of robust/Poor infrastructure in developing nations also increases both the costs of setting up EHR and costs of maintenance [6,11.18]. Awokola et al. pointed out that the software used in healthcare establishments is very expensive and that a basic EHR costs about $32,000 excluding technical support and ongoing maintenance [19]. As a result of high costs of EHR procurement, many hospitals, though beneficial in a number of other ways, did not see EHR implementation as a priority [19].

Limited Computer Skills:

Low computer literacy level is another variable that clearly emerged from the…

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