A Brief Note On The First World War Essay

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The First World War cost the lives of eight million people within the span of four years and was the most gruesome and disastrous war the world had seen at this time. The combatants of this war were the Allied Powers, which included Russia, France, Great Britain and Italy, and their opponents, the Central Powers, which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. Tensions had been building between these European Powers for some time with the numerous long-term and short-term causes that eventually led up to the outbreak of war in 1914. Specific elements include the usage of alliances and militarism along with other trivial factors. Surely, these elements alone could not have led straight to war, but when connected together it is clear that build up to the First World War was spread out in a vast amount of time and is the efforts of all the European Powers.
A deep-rooted factor that made the First World War possible was the system of alliances, or the agreements made between nations that were meant to provide and protect one another, consequently one nation’s dilemmas were also the dilemmas of their allied powers. An early example of this can be seen with Otto von Bismarck’s rule as chancellor in Germany. In order to unify the German states and guard from any impending harm, Bismarck took his chances with collaborating with the other European nations. Although, with alliances came rivalries; Germany and France stood no chance at ever becoming allies because of…

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