Essay about A Brief Note On The Civil Rights Movement

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Many do not know that 15-year old Claudette Colvin was the first African American who refused to give up her seat to a group of Caucasian people. Being too young and too dark-skinned she was never recognized as the leader who started the Civil Rights Movement. After her arrest, she became pregnant by a much older and married man, and civil rights leaders thought that it would not help but hamper the African American community in their rise for equality. Nine months later, Rosa Parks, a 42- year old light-skinned seamstress, was arrested for the same charge. Civil rights leaders took this as the perfect opportunity to initiate the worldwide Civil Rights Movement. No one knew that a movement similar to this would start 57 years later when an innocent 17-year old boy with no criminal record was shot after a brawl between him and a neighborhood watch volunteer. As the years proceeded, many more would despitefully be killed and would not receive any justice initiating the Black Lives Matter Movement. Many have questioned if the two movements are even comparable. One of the greatest impacts the Civil Rights Movement had on society was its non-violent tactics. One article mentions the freedom riders in their quest to gain equality. Bernard Lafayette claims, “We weren’t going to advocate harming people who disagreed with us” (Ernsberger 2). In his story, Lafayette makes it clear that he understood each time he rode for the cause he would endure violence. He recounts being badly…

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