A Brief Note On The Charity Techno For Tanzania Essay

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My P4 will be mixed into my M2 so when I give a shortlist of the equipment I will be using for the Computers and other equipment I intend to buy, my M2 will justify my reasons for it by showing reviews of the different components. I’ve been approached by the charity Techno for Tanzania to provide some technical assistance and guidance for why I would recommend three particular systems for the charity Techno for Tanzania. The charity has received a £3500 donation to purchase 3 or more new computer systems for children and teachers in Tanzania, I have been asked to ensure that these systems are able to run word processing, spreadsheet and database software (Microsoft Offices software), graphics and multimedia software and also purchase one printer for the computers to connect to wirelessly. I have set aside target price plan of £3000 maximum on all the computers, £400 on the software packages, and £100 on printers or scanners and if there’s money left over at the end I will use that money to buy more software for the schools.

With My custom PC I have designed 2 customs built all in one PC’s the first cost for £790.00 including VAT and standard week day Delivery. Case:
When looking online comes to around £40 on average.
Processor (CPU):
Intel Pentium Dual-Core G3258 (3.2GHz, 3MB Cache) + HD Graphics
£50.00 on Amazon
ASUS® H81-Gamer: ATX, LG1150, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs…

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