Essay on A Brief Note On The Canadian Healthcare System

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According to Shi (2015), most developed countries have national health insurance programs that all of its citizens are entitled to receive. The manner in which health care cost in these developed countries is run is through the government, and it is funded through general taxes. Shi & Singh (2015) the combined interaction of economic development, technological progression, social and cultural values; physical environment, population characteristics, such as demographic and health trends; and global influences make up the characteristics of the United States health care system.
The two countries that I will be comparing to the Unites States for the purpose of this assignment will be Canada and Moldova. The Canadian healthcare system is a group of socialized health insurance plans that covers all residents (, 2007).The health system of the Moldova is organized according to the principles of universal access to basic health services and equity and solidarity in health care financing; it is funded from both the state and individuals through MHI. It includes a mix of public and private medical facilities, as well as public agencies where the authorities involved by providing financing, through regulation and administration of health services (WHO, 2012)
The three health indicators that I selected were life expectancy, fertility rate, mortality rate and immunization. Health issues related to population health is imperative for everyone. In the three…

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