A Brief Note On The Asian Car Culture Essay

1396 Words Aug 4th, 2016 6 Pages
As the world becomes ever more populated reaching record-breaking statistics regarding pollution, car companies have begun finding solutions for such dire circumstances. The automobile industry has created its own pop culture with many different subcultures influenced by different societal groups. This creates a vast difference between how countries create their cars. As a whole, Asia has developed a completely different car culture than we see in the United States. Asian cars break down into two main countries that dominate the car culture: Japan and China. With China’s ever-present population crisis and the huge separation between the wealthy and non-wealthy, they have been forced to focus their efforts to the economy car (Shirouzu & Reuters, 2015). Japan’s culture on the other hand has always been known for its perfection and attention to detail, thus the Lexus LFA (The Lexus LFA, 2016). The Asian car culture is vastly different, with much of it beginning in their deeply rooted cultures and as problems present themselves China and Japan confront these issues very differently. The world economy has patched itself since the 2008 economic collapse that nearly destroyed half of the major economies of the world. Although both countries have pulled themselves off the floor they have learned that nobody is impervious to economic turmoil. China has braced this mentality with its new advancements in economical and eco friendly vehicles (DeFeijter, 2016). The Chinese automobile…

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