A Brief Note On The American Engineering And Engineering Essay

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Do you know what an ENTJ can do? They can do many things like Richard Nixon or FDR. There are many great options for ENTJs’ but my favorite three that I would enjoy would be law/politics, engineering, & counseling. All are very well paid and have great respect toward they’re position. They also have many doors that can open to new careers because the skills you use in other careers are used in each of these. The three are just a base of what it gets you to do; many have different occupations. Engineering is so expansive that I could not even list all of the occupations on one page, but the three I am most interested in in civil, aerospace and mechanical. Civil engineers get paid well and mostly work for the government in building city’s or buildings. Aerospace would be the most accepting towards me because I like airplanes spaceships and other aerial vehicles. Their pay can be up to 200,000 but mostly start out at 79,000 ( or 90,000 if you work for the government ). Cal Polly College in L.A. is a very good school for any engineering career. They offer many classes, but with a high price. There isn’t that much schooling involved with an engineer, most of them you need your associates or bachelors & a little amount of training. Law/politics takes a lot of money and time to really succeed in everyone knows that. Politics doesn’t require any college but it is very preferred, because the smarter you are the better choices you’ll make most…

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