Diverty Rates Of Poverty In The United States

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Section 1: According to this article poverty rates in school K-12 have risen from 17% to 18%. Most children in public school systems belong to parents or guardians that get paid the minimum amount of money each year. For example, feminization of poverty’s definition is the higher likelihood that female heads of households will be poor. Most women in the United States have grown in their ability to work and raise a family on their own, but the discrimination of women is still intact in society where they are paid lower wages. Therefore, free or reduced lunches in school is a relatively great thing. However, the effect on the schools to do this for children is difficult to determine. School’s mostly consider finances from parents to determine …show more content…
They aren’t just giving food to a homeless person, but are setting goals and achieving them. Nonetheless, the organization reduced the proportion of people living in poverty on less than $1.25 per day and helped 600 million people. Also, from the year 1990 to 2008 the poverty rate dropped from 47% to 24% despite the growth in population. So, as shown they have made a tremendous difference in society and are encouraging others to do so to! In a way I have always known that most people remain in poverty because of specialized circumstances and cannot afford certain things. This isn’t all their fault. I think that people sometimes get a bad reputation because they look a certain way or weren’t taught certain things to obtain a higher role in society. I think it is a wonderful thing that people are helping others. What kind of people would we be if we didn’t help one another? I think if they receive the proper funds and items to help others not live in poverty, then they will succeed. From the look of it, it already has so much influence and is helping others get jobs and what not, hence reducing poverty. As I researched some networks that help poverty, I came across care.org, which enables us to help donate money and to put it to work in different civilizations all over the world. There are so many organizations that we can, as individuals, contribute to. As for endpoverty2015.org, there goals are just as broad as any other organization. They significantly help others. Another great example of this refers to the consensus reached on new sustainable development that will end poverty by year

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