Essay about A Brief Note On The Affordable Care Act

715 Words Feb 17th, 2016 3 Pages
Some basic information about the affordable care act is the fact that it was a health care reformed bill that Obama singed around early 2010. Also the fact that a lot of the things in that act are already in effect. Some of the main things that the book points out about the Act is that it is providing new consumer protections, making the quality better but also making it cheaper, making it easier to access affordable care, and also making insurance companies more accountable for the actions that they take in situations. When the bill was first getting signed and Obama care was really talk because of the fact it had such a huge impact on how people worked with their healthcare. First Obama care changed what you can buy, how you can buy it, and when you can buy it. The way that it changed what you can buy is the fact that it makes you purchase a different plan and if it does not meet new government standards you may have to buy a new one or get hit with a tax penalty. Also the fact that it comes with 10 standard plans that meet the new government standards. Then it makes a minimum benefit plan, and in 2014 it came with a rating level like bronze, silver, gold and platinum. With each one of those levels they must at least cover 60%. Now with how you buy it, your medical history can’t be used to decline you so coverage is guaranteed. No seriously complicated questions, no lengthy waiting, government might help you pay for your plan with possibly receiving premium tax credits.…

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