A Brief Note On Tennessee Highway Safety Office Essay

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The fatality rate for 2015 was the second lowest in over 50 years. Seat belt citations were at an all time high and the unrestrained fatality rate was the lowest in the tenure of the current Colonel.

The impaired driving death rate was also the lowest in the tenure of the current Colonel.

Results for the fiscal year to date are fatalities up 9.8%, Impaired Fatalities down 11.7%.

Unrestrained Fatalities are down to 46% of the total passenger car fatals, Distracted Driving Fatalities were flat but the percentage of the total was slightly lower.

Enforcement work has been excellent with an increase in the last twelve months of 5% for DUI arrests and 10% for seat belt violations. Field enforcement has worked over and above expectations and affected measurable improvements in the performance of the organization (impaired and unrestrained fatals).

Tennessee Highway Safety Office Reports an All-Time High in Statewide Seat Belt Usage

TENNESSEE – The Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) announces a significant increase in overall seat belt usage across the State of Tennessee, compared to the previous year. In 2016, a statewide average of 88.95% of front-seat vehicle occupants were observed wearing seat belts during an annual roadside observational survey study conducted by the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Center for Transportation Research (CTR). In 2015, Tennessee’s statewide seat belt usage reflected an average of 86.23%, according to CTR.


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