A Brief Note On Student Work Protocol ( Rti ) Essay

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Examining Student Work Protocol
Impact of RtI Our examining student work protocol takes place during the spring of the school as a follow up to the Response to Intervention (RtI) initiatives to provide stakeholders with an in-depth operational understanding of RtI processes at Portage High School. The protocol for our presentation on examining student work to analyze the impact of Response to Intervention (RtI) will follow the Three Vertical Slice Protocol as outlined by Lois Brown Easton (2009).
This protocol will focus on examining student work in all three tiers of RtI during the final week of March by the Building Leadership Committee (BLC). The vertical slice protocol is used to help stakeholders understand the impact that RtI has student work.
This protocol will include our school leadership team that includes department heads, counselors, administrators, parent and community leadership team members. There are 21 members in the groups and they will be broken into three groups of 7 to unite their learning.
Presentation and Facilitation Team The presentation and facilitation team consist of Sean Stout, BLC Chair, Dahlia Werner, Library Media Specialist, and Janet Holtan, Parent Leadership Chair.
Time Frame Two meetings will take place in order to fully to analysis student work. The first meeting is a planning meeting that takes place at our regular meeting on the third Monday of March. The planning meeting will require last 1.5…

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