Essay on A Brief Note On South Africa And Australia

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South Africa and Australia are two of the countries that lived Aboriginal and occupied by European settlement. South Africa Aboriginals’ treatment is so different from Australia Aboriginals. Moreover, the role of these settlements and the purpose for these settlements are different, too. However, both South Africa and Australia Aboriginals had conflict with settlements and settlement brought and spread serious disease in both country. Australia was occupied by British hundreds of years ago. The main reason why British occupied Australia is they needed more land. The a growing urban underclass in its city, loss of the American colonies and British wanted to relieve the pressure on its prison, so British occupy Australia and carry thousands of people there. Soon there was filled with Britain convicted, colonial administrators and military police in New South Wales. They brought and spread disease in Australia, smallpox is one of the example. Smallpox spread terribly and decimated a lot of Aboriginals in many place in Australia. Britain settlement did not have a commercial propose, so they treat Australian Aboriginal as one of the British person. Although they took Australian children from their families and separated them in a certain place, it is because they want to eradicate Aboriginals and made them be a pure British. They accomplish this goal not only separated Aboriginal children from their family and community, but also through education. The indigenous language and…

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