Essay on A Brief Note On Social Justice And Justice

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Xinnan Zhang
History 110 03 Fall Final
Topic: 2a
Social Justice Aristotle argues that rights exist only among freemen, and that law should be taken “Individuals should first be treated symmetrically with his wealth, followed by an equal relationship”. Social justice refers to a society in the sharing of responsibility, social status, and distribution of resources in line with the principles of justice. Social justice has different aspect. The one people really care about in today’s life is racial and ethnic justice issues. The United States has serious economic and social injustice, especially the existence of serious racial inequality. Although the basic law of racial discrimination has been abolished, but the legislative direction of a direct impact on judicial justice and justice awareness of justice. Justice in the United States should focus on the following three aspects. First, the US judicial system there are many miscarriages, many innocent people were wrongly sentenced to death or even executed. One of the most shocking is that DNA detection technology clearly falsified a large number of serious crimes. Many researchers have pointed out that there are more cases of injustice due to lack of DNA evidence and failed to clear. Second, the US judicial system to indulge some of the sinners should be severely punished. In particular, many African Americans believe that the US judicial system harbors the use of force of the guilty police. In recent…

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