Essay on A Brief Note On Science And Biological Engineering

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Agricultural and biological engineering are a very misunderstood concept. People around the world refuse to take the time to slow down and decipher just how important agricultural and biological engineering is to the progressing world. Many individuals do not take into consideration what the true meaning of agricultural and biological engineering is. Typically, it is confused with biomedical engineering, which is the tissue and prosthetic side. Many think that biological engineering is broad enough to compensate for biomedical engineering, but when considering the six emerging disciplines biomedical engineering is not associated with the topic. Agricultural and biological engineering are built up on these disciplines: Robotics and tractors, irrigation and drinking water, pathogens in livestock and greenhouses, biosensor networks, food safety and food processing, and Bioenergy and food processing. Although a few of the disciplines will affect human health, they would not cover biomedical engineering. Also, biomedical engineering cannot fall under the category of biological engineering, because it is claimed by BMES and biological engineering is claimed by ASABE.
The discipline of robotics and tractors consist of the mechanical side of agriculture. Robotics is taken on by electrical and mechanical engineers. It can be used for small scale purposes such as, personal assistance, manufacturing, analytical instruments, etc. Also, on a larger scale side…

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