A Brief Note On Reporting And Responding For My Community / Educational Links Program

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Reporting and Responding
For my Community/Educational Links Program I spent my twenty hours working at a primary school, helping out in a pre-primary class. The focus of my twenty hours was mainly spent with two of the boys in the class. One of the boys was on the Autism Spectrum (Bob*), and the other (Tom*) had high needs, with symptoms of ADHD. I also worked with the other children in the class to help them understand the importance of inclusiveness. (*Children’s names have been changed to protect their identity.)

On the first day of my twenty hours, I spent the time observing the class and the children, to see how they interacted with each other and the environment. From the first day I noticed that in the playground, children would antagonise Bob and Tom, and then they were mad when they retaliated. As Bob has much lower level of expressive language skills, he has trouble expressing his frustrations towards the other children with words, and so he resorted to hitting, kicking, and pushing. When Bob was antagonised and then retaliated physically, it was important for me to explain to the children why what they were doing is wrong, and also why Bob reacted in that way. During the twenty hours, there were times when I would have to take Bob and Tom by the hand and sometimes even physically pick them up and move them away from the situation until they were able to calm down and regain control.

Roughly halfway through the twenty hours, the classroom teacher had a sit…

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