The Importance Of Inclusionary Practices In Education

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Inclusionary practices are more true to life than exclusive practices in the school system. By learning how to learn in the same classroom, students learn how to live together in the world. Research shows that improved academic achievement occurs when students with disabilities learn in general education classrooms ( Students want to strive for success to fit in with the other students. For instance, Walter-Thomas (1997) found that after three years a majority of students in his study became more self-confident after being included.
Social Development Social Development is a key component in all students’ lives. Being in an inclusive environment is very beneficial to all children’s social development. By interacting with a variety
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Adaptations include change in timing, formatting, setting, scheduling, response and/or presentation (Pacer, 2015). Accommodations do not alter what the test or assignment measures. For example, a test may be read aloud to a child needs verbal instruction or Braille for a blind student. Accommodations are discussed by the IEP team and written into the student’s IEP. IEP teams decide each accommodation on a case-by-case basis to address the child’s specific needs.
What are Modifications? Modifications are adjustments made to assignments or a test that would change the standard. It may also change what the assignment measures. For example, if the class is working on an assignment dealing with a particular part of a standard, the student may need a different assignment that would be more easily achievable (Pacer, 2015). Like accommodations, modifications need to be discussed and decided by the IEP team and written into the student’s IEP. Modifications are unique and determined by finding what the student needs.
What is Assistive Technology
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This method of instruction focuses on the encouragement of students with severe disabilities to access the general curriculum. UDL includes teachers creating successful activities that are accessible to the learning of all students. It includes videos, books, or images for students to access the information. The flexibility and options in the work benefit all students in an inclusive setting (Alquraini,

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