Essay On Inclusion In Elementary Schools

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Inclusion in Elementary School Settings Educating disabled students in inclusive classrooms has been one of the many accommodations made for disabled students. Although inclusion seems to many that it will decrease bullying later in life, people are being mislead. Laws are mandating that school districts must provide the least secluded environment as possible. This seems to contrast the need to keep all students and staff safe, having as many good relationships as possible, and decreasing the amount of work general educators have to do. Educating students with disabilities in exclusive settings is beneficial for all students: safety, socialization, and education.
Within the walls of inclusive schools, students and faculty are subjected to a greater level of danger
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Because of their disabilities, disabled students tend to receive less repercussions which puts other students in substantially harmful environments when a school participates in inclusive classrooms. Although children are more at risk, requirements mandate that disabled children be taught in non-isolated classrooms as much as possible (Brockett 1). The parent’s of these disabled students are allowed to choose whether to keep or remove their child from a general classroom. Usually, parents opt to keep their students in the general education classrooms, believing that their child will not become a victim of bullying in the future. A school in California recently had a case that included a kindergarten student with disabilities that was becoming dangerous towards others. When administrators took him to a court of law, they ruled that they were unable to prove his inability to control himself. Because of this, it became his father’s decision. His father did not want him to be removed from the classroom. Therefore, the school had to abide by his father’s demands (Brockett 1). If a student did end up harmed in any way, the school would be liable and could potentially be

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