A Brief Note On Reflection

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Over the course of the semester, I endured many challenges that I was able to eventually overcome. At the beginning of the semester one of the challenges I faced was time management. One of the reasons that this happened is that the class met once a week and I was accustomed to meeting with my professors twice a week. For this reason, at the beginning of the course adjusting to the workload was an issue. Since the class met once a week, I left most of the readings and reflections that were assigned for the night before. This is in turn negatively affected my performance in class. I was not being productive when my professor asked questions regarding the reading. Procrastination interfered with my sleeping which did not allow me to work productively. …show more content…
For many years, I was instructed to write my thesis statement first and then start writing the essay. It turns out there is another effective method to writing good thesis statements which is to begin writing the essay and write the thesis statement later on. A thesis statement is extremely important because it paves the way to what the essay will be about, that is why it is so important and why I am glad I received this advice. In class, we also had an exercise where we looked at different thesis statements and how they varied. When I wrote my paper on the documentary, the 13th and my research paper for Othello, my thesis statements were much stronger. Another issue that I faced with my thesis statement is that, throughout my paper I was not following what I had written on the thesis statement. In my thesis statement on the documentary 13 I talked about mass incarceration and dehumanization of African Americans. When I was writing the essay for the 13, I was not following what I had stated in the thesis statement which made my paper look weak. I talked about the mass incarceration but did not mention how blacks were being dehumanized. After meeting with my professor, I was able to expand on my ideas and I was able to write a great

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